Hello Hello Hello!

Sometimes life can be overwhelming. We feel like we don’t have it all figured out or have no control over the situation in front of us. My goal in the therapy room is to help you navigate life’s struggles and understand how to not just make it through life, but live it. I have worked with teens in different settings as well as adults managing their day to day life. I have also worked with those suffering from debilitating mental illness, in regards to medication management as well as everyday coping skills.

Whether the struggle be thriving with a difficult diagnosis (physical or mental), living under your parents roof or getting out of bed in the morning, I hope to develop coping strategies with you as well as find meaning behind your pain.

In order to accommodate, I offer in person sessions as well as virtual. I currently have daytime openings Monday thru Friday. Reaching out is not a sign of weakness, but a desire for things to change.